We excel in complex cases that involve undetermined law, high stakes, and higher emotions.

In these cases, otherwise resolute leaders are frustrated in the present, anxious about the future, and virtually paralyzed by complexity. Fortunes hang in the balance—and so do partnerships, friendships, marriages, and families. 

In these critical moments, Richards Law offers stability, focus, confidence, and a clear path to resolution.

And then, once we have achieved the best possible outcome, we get out of your way—so you are free to focus on leading and innovating. Of course, we are always available to strategize, plan, and help you address or avoid potential issues.

UNFLINCHING ADVOCATES: Trials, Arbitrations, and Appeals

When everything is at stake, it seems like time—and business—stand still. If the only path forward is through the courtroom, there are still ways to move strategically and decisively. As experienced advocates, we quickly become experts in your business and your dispute. Most importantly, we bring a human perspective. We’re more than business lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, and real estate lawyers. We identify key players and artfully anticipate the unique dynamics between opposing counsel, judges, and jurors—always looking for opportunities to advance your interests, and always protecting your reputation in the court of public opinion and from potential attacks in the media. Imagine an employment law team who employs empathy to resolve disputes skillfully and quickly. Imagine civil lawyers and divorce lawyers who serve you as confident, steady guides during intensely emotional negotiations when the stakes are at their highest. Welcome to Richards Law.

“We stand in the gap for people and companies when it matters most. We live for those opportunities.”


Our clients invite us to the table early to anticipate and prevent potential conflicts and issues—and to help them avoid legal disputes in the first place. Business owners and their counsel trust us to engineer strategies that proactively address contract disputes, employment contract issues, bankruptcy, government investigations, real estate litigation, business divorces, and other matters that can threaten relationships and slow innovation.

A client’s logo appeared in publications promoting a TV drama about a convicted criminal. Jennifer defended the company’s trademarks—and its reputation.

A Clear Advantage: Local and Referral Counsel

Litigation involving business divorce lawyers, real estate lawyers, and bankruptcy lawyers can carry stakes worth millions of dollars into uncharted legal waters. These cases can shake a legacy.

That’s why international and regional law firms partner with Richards Law on some of their most complex and consequential cases. They know us as smart, nimble, and collaborative experts who can serve as local or trial counsel, handle conflict work, or act as co-counsel in a multi-party dispute. We are quick studies who enthusiastically dive in and add value at every step of the process.

DIverse expertise: Answers in uncharted waters

Law speaks its own language, from appellate lawyers, chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers, breach of contract, real estate litigation, business mediation and employment disputes. Business owners can face issues that go by unfamiliar legal terms and rarely stay in one area of the law. In the real world, you face complicated issues. You need an advocate fluent across legal fields, one who knows the law and understands people. That’s where we focus.